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1、- Aren't you crazy about tennis? Why not sign up for it?


2、- Catherine, would you give some opinions about my PPT?

-_____________________, however, I have one suggestion.

3、- Cheer up and pay more attention to your colleagues and things will be much better.


4、- China Mobile customer service. Good morning! Can I help you?        -_____________________

5、- Diana, do you eat apple every day?


6、- Do you know when we will have the welcome party?


7、- Doctor, I've got a sore throat and fever. I'm afraid I've got a flu.

- Let me have a look._________________

8、- Excuse me, but can you tell me the way to the Seafood market?


9、- Excuse me, is this the right direction for the National Arts Museum?


10、- Good morning, Susan. Would you mind going to get me a cup of coffee?


11、- Hilary, I'd appreciate it if you could help me with the opening speech I'm giving next week.

-_________________,but I'll have some time between five and six p.m.

12、- How about getting together for a cartoon movie tonight?

-_________________What's playing tonight?

13、- I apologize for the terrible mistake I made yesterday.


14、- I get at least half an hour exercise of listening English every day.


15、- I'll be free from 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. Do you think it's convenient for you?


16、- I'm afraid we have to change the appointment. I have something important to do.


17、- I'm leaving for Tibet on business tomorrow.


18、- I'm much obliged to you for your help.


19、- Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?


20、- Is the flight from Shanghai to Singapore on time?


21、- It shouldn't take long to sweep up after sports meeting if we have more volunteers.

- That's right. _________________

22、- Long time no see, Jeffery? Do you still remember me?


23、- Sir, I've come to complain about the printer I bought in your shop yesterday.


24、- Thank you ever so much for the Huawei Watch you sent me.


25、- What an awful day!


26、- What would you like to have for lunch?

-_________________Would you like to have a taste?

27、- Why didn't you invite Elisabeth to join your new program?

- You know she's_________________

28、- Why do you look so unhappy? Is there anything wrong with you?


29、- Why not join us for an exciting weekend?



- Can you tell me something about your new product?

31、-How do you like Vivian Leigh?


32、-Oh. Dear! I've lost my new iPad mini.



1、________ a choice of two jobs, the man decided to take the one which was more challenging.

2、________ had he graduated from the college than he went into an IT company.

3、________ home than it began to rain.

4、________ language, maths and history, the children are also taught music and art.

5、________ more than one hundred elements are known, only twenty-five of them are common and important.

6、________ still young, Mr. Rogers has had amazing achievement in physic.

7、________ such a good chance, he planned to learn more.

8、________ that in Africa French is one of most widely used languages.

9、________ the future, we are full of confidence.

10、________, Prof. Bradley was out when we called.

11、A high-quality company must promote originality and encourage ________.

12、All students are eager to know ________ they will pass the exam or not.

13、All the lights ________ before we left the office.

14、All the people in the classroom are frustrated ________ the few who have passed the test.

15、Although she said that she would go there with me, she still had a ________ look on her face.

16、Anyone who had been in your position _______ the same.

17、As there is no car now, we have to go home ________.

18、Can you give me some advice ________?

19、Contraction should not be used in _______writing.

20、Could you please tell me ________?

21、Doctor Black is reputed to be the best heart ________ in the country.

22、Elisabeth asked Michael if it was the place ________ he bought the flowers.

23、Energy can be transformed ________ one form ________ another ________ different ways.

24、He is a hard-working student, and ________ a solid foundation of every subject.

25、He seems ________ to handle the tough problems.

26、Henry said that either his father or his uncle ________ to attend the class meeting.

27、I accepted my eyebrow surgery, the ________ and patient doctor was really helpful during my recovery period.

28、I apologize for not __________ my promise.

29、I arrived ______ Beijing ______ 10 o'clock ______ July 8.

30、I can ________ him to you for the job, for he is a very good software engineer.

31、I remembered _________ the problem before they asked me.

32、I told the foreign guests that it was in the house ______ we used to live that the exhibition was held.

33、I walked as fast as I could, but I couldn't __________ him.

34、I was about ________ the office when the telephone rang.

35、I wonder how many years ago ________.

36、I'm looking forward ________ you.

37、I'm writing ________ my mother, to express her thanks for your gift.

38、I've made ________ mistakes than you have.

39、If you want to download this file, you need to connect your mobile phone _______ Internet first.

40、In tests, this kind animals ________ back home after being placed in a field a mile away.

41、In this COVID-19 emergency medical team there are ten ________.

42、It is ________ of you to turn off the TV set while others are going over their lessons.

43、It is known to all that a lot of actor industry ________ accepted plastic surgery.

44、It is only through practice ________ one will learn English well.

45、It is said that this kind of kiwi fruit ________, however they taste delicious.

46、It looked as though the hurricane had an _________ lot of force.

47、It seems to me that the curtains do not ________ the decoration.

48、It's free from the Google Play store and our Remote Service is offered free of ________.

49、It's required that the student ________ the term paper tomorrow.

50、It's very smart ________ of such a terrific idea.

51、Lucy, I need to tell you ________.

52、Many houses are reported ________ in the storm.

53、Mary is ________ to join the army.

54、Most of their equipment ________has been shipped ahead of schedule.

55、Mr. Brown lost his job last month so the family had to ________ on expenses.

56、Mr. Bultmann would much ________ it if you could do him the favor.

57、Mr. Smith will be ________ the office next week when the manager is away.

58、Neither of the young men who had applied for a position in the company ________.

59、Never before that accident ________ so great my responsibility was.

60、No one thought that John's proposal was worth ________.

61、Now that the ________ shock was wearing off, he was in considerable pain.

62、Nowadays many companies are ________ from a shortage of skilled staff.

63、Nowhere else in the world _________ more attractive scenery than in Switzerland.

64、Please write down the ________ about the conversation we heard today with time order and cause-effect.

65、Richard, _________, works in isolation but I have no doubts about his abilities.

66、Since the bus is overcrowded, we ________.

67、Smart wearable bands should not imitate but instead _________ their own unique design.

68、So far as I'm ________, some other arrangement would have been satisfactory.

69、So little ________ about chemistry that the lecture was completely beyond me.

70、Some of the experiments ________ in our textbook are difficult to perform.

71、That's the hotel ________ last year.

72、The basketball team ________ made up of 10 players.

73、The best way _______ the principle is to see how it actually works in practice.

74、The book is ________ more difficult than the one I read last week.

75、The company ________ a working prototype in September at its annual Technology Innovation Conference in Beijing.

76、The country needs a defence ________ as insurance against the unexpected.

77、The customer ________ to the storekeeper about the poor quality of the refrigerator.

78、The difficulty of a project was defined ________ how long it took to complete.

79、The faint sound is ________ undetectable to the human ear.

80、The first thing ______ you should do is to observe the object carefully.

81、The minister said that the COVID-19 patients ________ to hospital and cured free of charge.

82、The municipal government gives citizens free ________ all the parks.

83、The new system of taxation will take ________ next year.

84、The output of our company this month is _______ that of last month.

85、The parents will never forget that it was ______ who had saved their child's life.

86、The performance of the first three clowns ________ very funny.

87、The reason why I plan to go there is ________ if I don't.

88、The whole experience was _________ more positive than negative.

89、The whole nation is involved in the ________ to stop drug abuse.

90、There was an car accident happened, _______ 16 people and with more than 23 ________.

91、These platforms are going to get cheaper while becoming more capable and more ________.

92、They talked to each other ________ they had been friends for years.

93、They want the multimedia laboratory ________ as soon as possible.

94、This candidate _________ Spanish for six years by the time he takes his examination.

95、This disease lowers the body's ________ to infection.

96、This girl used to be very shy, but now she's gone to the opposite ________.

97、Tim can't _______ the maths problem he is working at.

98、Two little pandas have just ________ for the zoo.

99、We consider it no use ________ these figures by heart.

100、We have great interest in folk music, so ______ Jack ______ I are going to the concert this evening.

101、What our team leader said yesterday didn't ________ you.

102、When an element is caused to ________ with oxygen it is oxi­dized.

103、While reading an article, we should ________ our attention _______ the meaning of the whole article rather than that of the new words.

104、With all this work on hand, he ________ to the cinema last night.

105、With the introduction of the computer, libraries today are quite different from ______ they were in the past.

106、You ________ afraid of any difficulties. Be bold and overcome them.

107、You can schedule your tasks to improve ________.

108、You can stay in my room ______ you promise not to use the computer.

109、Young people are doing their best with the limited resources ________.

阅读理解(单选题) Baidu, China's leading search engine company, has unveiled its own eyewear called Baidu Eye. It is said to be a different product from Google Glass in terms of functionality. The compan省略... 1、Baidu Eye has the new functions EXCEPT _______ .

2、From the passage, we can know that Google Glass ________ .

3、The purpose to design Baidu Eye is to __________ .

4、We can infer from the passage that ________ .

5、What is the best title for the passage?

Can trees talk? Yes, but not in words. Scientists have reason to believe that trees do communicate (交际) with each other. Not long ago, researchers learned some surprising things. First a willow tree a省略... 1、According to the passage, the willow tree was able to communicate with other trees by ______.

2、According to this passage, bees communicate by ______.

3、It can be concluded from the passage that caterpillars do not feed on leaves that ______.

4、The author believes that the incident described in the passage ______.

5、The willow tree described in the passage protected itself by ______.

If you think 3D printing is only good for making flimsy paperweights, then you're pretty much right. However, a group of audacious Dutch architects have already begun 3D printing an entire canal house省略... 1、How long will it take for the 3D printer to make the canal house in Amsterdam?

2、What have the Dutch architects begun to use the 3D printer to do according to the passage?

3、What is the weakness of the 3D printer mentioned in the passage?

4、Where did KamerMaker begin printing plastic furniture and walls several weeks ago?

5、Which of the following statements is WRONG according to the passage?

WHY BUILD A SPACE ELEVATOR? The space elevator will reduce the cost of getting from Earth to space. It will also allow us to take very large payloads into space very easily, very safely省略... 1、If a space elevator is built, what can't be built by us?

2、The main reason of building a space elevator instead of using rockets is that _____.

3、What does the word “outweigh” in Paragraph 4 mean?

4、Which of the following can summarize the main idea of this passage?

5、Which of the following statements is NOT correct, when you are riding the space elevator?

Would a robot serving you coffee in bed make waking up easier on weekday mornings? Could a household robot help an elderly relative who is living alone? How would you like to climb into a robotic car 省略... 1、According to the passage, a robot in the future can_____ .

2、Chad Jenkins believes that_____ .

3、Dmitry Grishin _____.

4、Robots have to become automatons that can truly learn because _____.

5、Which of the following statements is NOT true?

阅读理解(判断题) By 2050, the world's population is projected to rise to 9 billion from just over 7 billion currently. Proponents of genetically modified foods say they are safe and can boost harvests even in bad cond省略... 1、Para. 1 mentions that advocates of genetically modified food argue that GM food can meet the demands of increasing population.

2、Para. 1 mentions that the risks of genetic engineering are not that horrible.

3、Para. 2 mentions that insect-resistant genetically modified food has only showed a fairly small increase in production.

4、Para. 3 mentions that the current food production is enough to feed the whole global population.

5、Para. 5 tells us that uneven distribution leads to the starvation of 870 million people in the world.

Do you prefer coffee or tea? The answer to that question might in part be down to your genes, research suggests. Scientists say a genetic predisposition to perceiving the bitterness of 省略... 1、A genetic predisposition to perceiving the bitterness of particular substances makes us always prefer to coffee.

2、According to this passage, the answer to the question “Do you prefer coffee or tea? ” might in part be down to your genes.

3、People with an increased perception of the bitterness of caffeine drank a little more coffee.

4、The preference towards tea can be seen as a consequence of absorbing from coffee.

5、The underlined word “prop” in Para. 3 refers to a small object such as a book, weapon etc, used by actors in a play or film.

June 17 Excitement is in the air. Gardener said we will soon be returning to Earth. Our part of the mission is nearly complete and the new crew will take over for us. I am a bit worried about B省略... 1、Para. 1 contains the information that the blossom of space-grown sunflower is different from that on Earth.

2、Para. 2 mentions that gardener will soon be returning to Earth and the new crew will take care of the space-grown plants like Broccoli, Sunflower, and Zucchini.

3、Para. 3 tells us that gardener is reluctant to leave the space since he had tears in his eyes when he said goodbye to the space plants.

4、Para. 4 mentions that gardener transplanted Broccoli, Sunflower, little Zuc, and Zucchini into very small bags which can only contain their root ball and a splash of water.

5、Para. 5 contains the information that gardener and his crew will leave on July 1.

Kenya has east Africa's largest economy. Its capital city is growing quickly, but so is the city's crime rate. Thieves in the capital steal an average of 10 cars each day. Kelvin Machar省略... 1、The owners can send any text messages to stop the vehicle.

2、The smart anti-theft system uses a computer or a mobile phone to tell owners the location of stolen cars.

3、Thieves in the capital steal 10 cars each day.

4、This new kind of smart anti-theft devices were assembled in China.

5、Tony Wanga has spent $750 buying trackers for his minibus taxis.

Liverpool city council want to clear the city of fat pigeons. They say that people are feeding the birds, which makes them fat. The pigeons get bigger because their normal diet would consist of seeds 省略... 1、A peregrine falcon likes to eat pigeons.

2、According to the council, everyone is to blame for the numbers of pigeons.

3、Pigeons get fat because they eat seeds and insects.

4、The robotic birds can move around the city centre.

5、They want the pigeons to move out of the city centre.

My mother fought breast cancer for almost a decade and died at 56. My children never have the chance to know her and experience how loving and gracious she was. We often speak of “Mommy's mommy”, and 省略... 1、Angelina Jolie carries a “faulty” gene, BRCA1, which sharply increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

2、Angelina Jolie never have the chance to know her mother and experience how loving and gracious she was.

3、Angelina Jolie said it is not easy to have a mastectomy, but it is a worthwhile choice.

4、Angelina Jolie will have no chances of developing breast cancer after the mastectomy.

5、The cost of testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 is not a big problem for many women.

Something else could be coming soon to a vehicle near you: more technology, the kind that could help your car talk to others around it. Unlike some proposed cars of the future, it would not actually d省略... 1、According to the text, the future vehicles can let the drivers see the area behind the car.

2、According to the text, the future vehicles can tell you about what other drivers are doing.

3、The cars would send text messages to each other within about 300 yards.

4、The government is pushing for technology that would not increase the cost of the car.

5、The government is pushing for technology that would warn drivers of danger coming from any direction.

There is no denying that students should learn something about how computers work.For people should have some basic idea of how the things that they use do what they do. Further, students might be hel省略... 1、According to the author, the phrase “learning to use a computer” (Lines 3-4, Para.3) means learning specific programs.

2、In the second paragraph “auto repair” and “violin-making” are mentioned to show that people who can use a computer don't necessarily have to know computer programming.

3、Learning to use a computer is getting easier all the time because programs are becoming less complicated.

4、The author's purpose in writing this passage is to explain the concept of computer literacy.

5、To be the competent citizens of tomorrow, people should understand that programming a computer is more essential than repairing a car.