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1、— Could you give me your phone number?


2、— Could you recommend some famous buildings to visit in China?


3、— Happy New Year to you!

— ________

4、— Hello, HR Department, Mandy speaking.

— Good morning._______

5、— I heard you had attended an activity for environmental protection. Can you talk about it?

— __________

6、— I wonder if you could help me?


7、— Smoking may result in many diseases like cancer.

— _______________

8、— Some cars are really expensive.

— _______________

9、— What do you think of the documentary Protecting the Earth?

— ________ It has attracted lots of TV audiences.

10、—What do you think of waste sorting?


11、— What’s the weather like in your hometown?


12、— What’s your major please?


13、—Can you tell me about the trash collection?

— _______________

14、—Can you turn down the radio, please?


15、—Could you please help me carry the heavy bag?


16、—Could you please tell me when will the promotion be?

— ___________________

17、—Goodbye, John. Come back again sometime.

—Sure. ______

18、—Haven’t seen you for ages! What are you busy doing now?


19、—Hello, may I speak to Henry?


20、—Hey, Henry!


21、—Hi, good morning. My name is Tim. This is my first time to be here.


22、—Hi, Lucy! We won the match yesterday.


23、—How about playing the game for a while before going to bed?


24、—How often do you go dancing?

— _______________

25、—How was the traffic coming over here?


26、—I have got a pain in my neck.


27、—I want to look for a smart phone priced about 1000 Yuan. Do you have some to recommend?


28、—I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put the printer here.

— _______________

29、—I’m too nervous to give a talk in front of so many people.

—_______ Mary. You can do it.

30、—Many heavy metals are very rare and we shouldn’t throw them away.


31、—Oh, dear! I’ve just broken a window.

— _______________

32、—So kind of you to recommend such a good website for shopping.


33、—Sorry. I have taken your car key by mistake.

— _______________

34、—Then when will the promotion be?


35、—This is Henry speaking. May I ask who is calling please?


36、—Well, may I ask how long the training will be?


37、—What are you doing?


38、—Working all day usually isn’t very effective.

— ________________

39、—Would you like to travel with me after this exam?

—__________________ I can’t wait.

40、—Would you mind taking the rubbish outside?



1、______ number of television programs for infants is growing.

2、It is too expensive and it is______ my budget.

3、There are many ways _____________ the problem.

4、Will you go to the party ______ staying at home tonight?

5、______ the huge demand, delivery mistakes are inevitable.

6、__________________________ he opened the car door and drove the car away .

7、______on top of the hill, the school has a good view.

8、About ______ of the students attended the meeting.

9、And if the idea can be accepted among people, the impact will be_____ .

10、Because of the huge demand of delivery, mistakes are ______.

11、But ____number of the users is expected to rise to 44.6 million by 2022.

12、Can you give me some useful ______ on how to save money?

13、Car owners will probably be against it, but people who use public transportation will be________it.

14、Cell phone is a very useful modern __________.

15、—Did you find the way to the new library?

2、—Sure. Mr. White gave me very __________________________ directions.

16、Digital devices are becoming smaller and ______ to carry.

17、Don’t get them mixed.You can leave bottles in a____ bin.

18、Earth Hour has become a global movement ______ more than 50 million people across 35 countries participating.

19、Fewer jams will mean ________ stop-start driving.

20、Finding information in today’s world is easy.The________is how you can tell if the information you get is useful or not.

21、Flowers spread an attractive fragrance and make your home look more ______.

22、For the sake of environmental protection, we should discourage people _________ their cars.

23、He ________ his room with pictures of all his favorite sports figures.

24、He designed a glass and steel pyramid to ______ the entrance to the Louvre.

25、He has just finished a ______ jogging.

26、He has not yet ______ me ______ his plan for holiday.

27、He is a ______ follower of classical music.

28、He is the right person to __________________________ such a large wine company.

29、He was rushed to the hospital with __________ injuries.

30、He characterized briefly the main __________________________ in the world today.

31、Henry and his landlady are talking about how to _____ of garbage.

32、Henry is having an______at the Design Department and the manager is the interviewer.

33、His ______ to find a solution has failed.

34、Hold on a minute, please. I’ll put you _______.

35、I adapted quickly ______ the new climate.

36、I am Henry.I’m calling to _______your advertisement for an interior designer.

37、I don’t use TV ______ a babysitter because the children won't watch enough .

38、I have a pretty good understanding of the job and I believe that I can handle it with______.

39、I have had some experiences _____Chinese since I came here.

40、I have learned a lot of theory at school, and now it is time for me to put it into ______.

41、I saw your advertisement for an engineer in the newspaper yesterday,is the _______ still open?

42、I think people need to______ and interact with other people.

43、I’m eager to get the job and looking forward to ______ you about the interview.

44、I’m more afraid to expose my unborn baby ________the danger.

45、If everyone recycles even just a bit, it can make a positive ____on the environment.

46、If fewer cars are permitted to be used in the city. People will see it _________threatening their freedom.

47、If you buy from______ companies with secure websites, it should be OK.

48、It is estimated that the accident was ___________ a heavy storm.

49、—Jane is in low spirits today. — It doesn’t matter. A box of chocolates will __________________________ her up.

50、Learning some relaxation techniques can help you________ your stress.

51、Mary couldn’t help ________when she saw her parents.

52、My chief purpose is to point _______ the difficulties of the matter.

53、My MP3 player doesn't work, so I want to change it ______ an MP4 player.

54、My MP3 player is _____, so I want to change it for an MP4 player.

55、Now more and more schools care for the full _______ of the students’ talents.

56、Our company specializes _____ architectural design.

57、Placing a job advertisement on an online job board is _____.

58、Put everything you want in the “shopping cart” to make a list of ______purchases.

59、Read the evaluations from buyers and you have an idea who is______.

60、Several of the members have ______ suggestions of their own.

61、—Sorry to say there are quite a few mistakes in your homework. You should do it more_______.         —I will. Many thanks.

62、Talk to service staff ____ early ____ possible.

63、The ancient Egyptians knew ways to ______ dead bodies.

64、The book focuses on how to _______ freedom with responsibility.

65、The company ________ to get me to another department .

66、The company is _______ busy ______it’s hiring 55,000 workers to deliver gifts.

67、The home is an enclosed space, and those chemical compounds can sometimes______to dangerous levels.

68、The idea has been spread by media and _____ the attention of ordinary people.

69、The interior design of the house is ______ in the village.

70、The next train _____ is from Washington.

71、The organization will_______a survey about the career choices of the college graduates.

72、The pollution may result ______many diseases like cancer.

73、The school conducted a(n) __________ investigation on the accident.

74、The store will __________________________5% for cash payment.

75、There ________ a higher risk of failed transactions because of your mistake.

76、There are ______ of ways to make your house look greener.

77、There is still no ______ that children up to the age of two can learn anything of value from television.

78、They became satisfied with the design ______the model.

79、They have ________ theories on how the universe was created.

80、They have been interested in theories ________ how the universe was created.

81、They turned to a lot of experts for advice when ______ these structures. 82、They_____the public to protect dolphins and tigers.

83、This garden is three times as ______ as that one.

84、Tom _______ have kept his promise. I wonder why he changed his idea.

85、Turn ____the lights and air conditioning system when you leave a room.

86、We are a franchised store. There is no discount ______ promotions.

87、We are going to ______the interviews late next week, so if you’re to be considered,we’ll ring you by Friday.

88、We call for people to take actions to create a _____ future for the planet.

89、We require a four-year college degree in Design. Some work experience would be ______.

90、What I would suggest is to put ______ the meeting.

91、What matters is how your house looks and how it_____ you and others residing in it.

92、What qualifications should I have to ________ this major?

93、When you are writing a cover letter, you should pay attention_____ the following tips.

94、With the help of the advertisement,we have received a lot of______ for this position and are planning to fill it within the next two weeks.

95、You don’t have to start over from ______.

96、You remember to bring your credit card with you, and I will get ______ .

97、You’d better take the ______from your parents and you can benefit from it.

98、Nov. 11th,China’s Singles’ Day, may be the best time for the buyers,because it will see some seemingly irrational ______.

99、We should collect ______paper to make new paper.


Passage 3                In capsule hotels, each guest stays in a small sleeping space called capsule. It measures about 2 meters in length and 1 meter in both width and height.        It is a type of省略... 1、Capsule hotels were first developed in _____.

2、Most capsules are not equipped with _____ in the small sleeping space.

3、The benefits of these hotels do not include _____.

4、The space of each capsule is quite _____.

5、The writer has a ____ attitude towards capsule hotels.

Lynne Shaner used the Internet to buy everything she needed for her wedding and holiday gifts for her husband and step-daughter. Other than food, 90 percent of her purchases are made on the computer i省略... 1、_____ can provide the shoppers with a social experience.

2、Analysts say____ has hit records in November and December.

3、Companies like FedEx and UPS are mostly doing_____.

4、McLaughlin says_____can keep their customers by offering goods like clothing.

5、The traditional merchants are worried about_____.

In the home of the future, you can skip the keys. Just tap your phone, your door swings open. A new company with a high-powered designer is hoping to take that vision to the masses. That compan省略... 1、______ allows users to open their doors by holding their phone app up to the lock or tapping a button on their phone screen.

2、_____has released its smart-lock, Kevo.

3、August introduced its version of the_____to the public.

4、August’s lock fits smoothly over an old-fashioned door so____.

5、August’s lock is_____ .

Imagine having jeans that charge your phone just by putting it in your pocket. That’s what this material does. It was developed for the British Army. The fabric is made of yarn. The yarn can c省略... 1、According to the passage, what is the fabric?

2、According to the passage,what involves in charging a battery right now?

3、What can be carried through a soldier’s clothes, helmet, or backpack?

4、What else does the material need to be done?

5、What’s the original usage of the fabric charger?

This summer at the largest urban mall in London, visitors may notice something different at their feet. Twenty bright green rubber tiles will decorate one of the outdoor walkways at the mall. Next to 省略... 1、According to the estimation, how many pedestrians will use that walkway in a year?

2、According to the passage, what’s the difference will the visitors notice at the largest urban mall this summer?

3、What are the squares designed to ?

4、Where is the power generated from?

5、Who developed the tiles in 2009?

Grandma Moses is among the most famous twentieth-century painters of the United States, yet she did not start painting until she was in her late seventies. As she once said of herself:“I would never s省略... 1、According to the passage, Grandma Moses began to paint because she wanted to_________.

2、From Grandma Moses’ description of herself in the first paragraph, it can be inferred that she was_________.

3、Grandma Moses spent most of her life .

4、The underlined word “survived” in the second paragraph means_________.

5、Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?


Passage 1 Five Tips to Make Your House Look Greener There are plenty of ways to make your house look greener. It doesn’t matter how many people reside in your home. It doesn’t ev省略... 1、A green home does good to your health.

2、A green home is closely to the size of your home.

3、Flies and mosquitoes breed bacteria and viruses.

4、Household wastes should be thrown away daily.

5、The quality of indoor materials is of great importance to keep the house clean.

Henry and his classmate Judy are talking about the games they play. Henry: What are you doing? Judy: I’m just trying to complete today’s crossword puzzle. Whenever I have time,省略... 1、Henry is good at darts.

2、Henry used to play dominos with his parents every day.

3、Judy doesn’t like to play games that require her to think hard.

4、Judy enjoys playing cards online.

5、Judy is an expert at mahjong.

Ieoh Ming Pei is definitely one of the biggest names in architecture. Born in China in 1917, Pei was the son of a prominent banker. He grew up mostly in Hong Kong and Shanghai. At the age of 17, Pei l省略... 1、As for Pei, the days for working out the Louvre Pyramid were tiring but meaningful.

2、France people were pleased with the Pei’s proposal of renovating the Louvre Museum in 1981.

3、In order to ease public anger, Pei changed his original architectural design.

4、Pei became famous for he was elected by the President John F. Kennedy to design a library.

5、Pei didn’t think there would be any other project as challenging as the Louvre Pyramid.

Instead of trying to beat back the rising flood, innovative amphibious buildings can adapt to the rising flood. These buildings are ready for whatever Mother Nature might throw at them– even 10-foot f省略... 1、250,000 residents of Makoko in Nigeria will be homeless if officials tear down their houses.

2、In the opinion of the writer, the cost for the floating school was quite high

3、Innovative amphibious buildings have adaptation to the rising flood.

4、The first completed floating school has three floors.

5、The first amphibious building in Britain has been completed.

A brand new Minecraft game will be story-driven. The new series of “Minecraft: Story Mode” will be set in the world of Minecraft, but it will feature an original story that combines new charact省略... 1、Minecraft strictly follows the rules of the game industry.

2、The game fans can create the theories of the universe on the Minecraft blogs.

3、The new game is community-driven.

4、The new game will be combined with other products.

5、The new series of game will feature a new story with unfamiliar themes.

Henry and his friend Sally are talking about the smart phone. Henry: My MP3 player is broken, so I want to change it for an MP4 player. Can you offer any advice about which brand and 省略... 1、They are talking about a camera.

2、Digital devices are becoming bigger and harder to carry.

3、The cell phone generally has memories of over 512 MB.

4、The new cell phone is just like a pad.

5、You can find a mobile phone in any of latest MP4.

A computer program, “Cepheus”, has solved the game of poker. The Computer Poker Research Group (CPRG) created Cepheus. It claims Cepheus can not only play poker, but also beat human opponents. 省略... 1、Cepheus can play poker but can not defeat human opponents.

2、Cepheus is developed aiming at beating all human players.

3、Deep Blue can play poker as well and once defeated a world champion in chess.

4、Due to the limitation of computer’s computational capabilities, Cepheus may not conduct far more complex supercomputing.

5、In order to refine its play in poker, Cepheus was trained to play with hands of the entire human race.